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What Is A Spiritual Warrior?

Some people think that this term is contradictory - that it is not possible to both spiritual and a warrior.  But that is a very limited interpretation.

One definition of spirituality is faith and belief without the dogma and judgement.  One definition of warrior - is courageous action.  My definition of spiritual warrior is 'courageous use of spirit'.

Certainly, there are many issues which can be addressed from a spiritual warrior perspective - basically any segment of our society.  The human conscience may notice behaviors and patterns that are imbalanced, unjust, harmful to others; but some are prompted by the conscience to take action for correcting the inequity. Others simply turn away and ignore the situation.

It is the former - the ones who take action and who are not complacent in the face of it - who are our spiritual warriors. 

A simple example would be the kid who is being bullied, outnumbered and feeling totally powerless - UNTIL one person or a group stands beside the victim and defies the bully.