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Cosmic Cupid

21st Century Romance

It's time for our humanity to be more conscious in this area of our lives - it's time to step outside the patterns of the past..

Most people spend more time and know more what they are doing when they shop for a pair of shoes, a job or a house than when they pick a mate. And it shows! The results are mismatches – couples who are not really well matched to be married; or even to be in a deep temporary involvement.

Many are not ready for a serious relationship with ANYONE because they are not yet whole. It affects the entire economic/social grid - the productivity, the community and especially, the children. I believe that we can create CONSCIOUS partnerships – relationships that GIVE out INTO the community, instead of draining it through conflict, wasted energy and unfilled yearnings.

CONSCIOUS MATING - begins with two whole people, who then come together with awareness - for the greatest good of all –- not just for filling their own voids and, those most often fleeting ecstatic moments.