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Energy Centers

The Chakras: Most people have heard of chakras, but may not know the significance or the origins. Chakra, the word,  means disk, vortex, or wheel in Sanskrit. For the human understanding - chakras are energy centers in our bodies. The basic 7 chakras along 7 points of the total spine - are most commonly known; but there are 12 and more chakras in the spectrum. The body's organs receive energy from the chakras. AND the chakras reflect the condition - in resonance with unique personality and existence aspects. Some believe that significant emotional experiences are imprinted on the chakras.  Chakra balancing and healing is a popular holistic modality.

The Aura: The aura is a multi-layered energetic outline of your body.  Auras are multi-colored and can be reflective of the colors and balance status of the chakras. It can function as a shield, conduit and filter. As a reflection of how you are doing - it expands to fill a room when you are happy, energetic and confident; and conversely, the energy field contracts with sadness or despondency.   The aura is invisible layers, which are sensed by others - either welcoming or guarded.

Some who are gifted with second sight - can see the chakras and auras.

7 Basic Energy Centers