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Becoming Joy

My birth name is Claretta Tafolla, my business resume name is Clarette Martin.

My spiritual name is JoyRae Freeman, a name chosen after the guides gave me the name Joy - which I later enhanced.  My journey for expanded awareness began when I was part of a three woman team selected for compiling a channeled book, a metaphysical primer - Project "Earth".

Later, I chose the remainder of the name to symbolize joy, light and liberty. When I had the name analyzed - I learned that in numerology, this name has an abundance of these traits,

My greatest joy is assisting others in reaching their empowerment. I am richly fulfilled when facilitating understanding, clear communications, harmony and flow within relationships and organizations.


About JoyRae

I am a master healer, sentient, empath and intuitive. I have always 'known' things without reading or being told. I'm also an Angelic Messenger.  In 1996, I received a very powerful energy activation - a gift direct from Source. I named it Divine Light and the activation further opened up my conduit, intuitive abilities to a higher level. The result is a powerful multi-dimensional connection with the client.

In my decades long business professional career - I gained expertise in personnel administration/HR, sales and marketing, finance, management consulting, interviewing/recruiting, matchmaking and workshops/seminars.

My continued interests and study in human potential and holistic techniques unfolded in the form of Hypnotherapy, NLP, QiGong, Quantum Touch, Laser Reiki certifications; creating a multidimensional healing practice, conducting workshops/retreats and doing inspirational speaking,

Astrologically, I am an Aquarian - with a Gran Trine in air - which is aligned with a natural ability in communications.

These studies, gifts and this consciousness is all about the benefit to others. I am a conduit.  I truly believe that we can shine our lights and create a better world - TOGETHER, one whole person at a time.

Joy Rae's Full bio


JoyRae ~ Seattle 2004

Divine Purpose

I've always known that I am here to make a difference.  My idealism was woven into all stages of my journey - in my personal life and in my diverse career experiences.

My strong belief is in possibilities and that we are capable of greatness, that we are living in a magical, unique & transformational time.

For the opportunity to do my part - I am eternally grateful.